???????????African why??????????

I was told I am unfortunate.

I slid into some self pity and asked me:

why am I honestly African?

Because no one chooses where to be born?

Because it was one of the infinite random happenings of the planet in 1997?

What am I even saying though?

I know something though……

God gives battles to His most trusted soldiers

He plants His greatest purposes for humanity to the ones He chooses.

I was chosen to be African to transform Africa.

Fine now.



Money into Africa


Dear Investor, this is why your next shrewd decision is channeling your FDI to Africa:

Africa’s economic feasibility for investment has been adversely understated for the past several decades. Economists have in the past characterized Africa’s economy as one beyond salvage. However taking an introspective look at Africa, we can’t help but consider IMF’s statement that “Africa will be the world’s second-largest economy within the next few years.” as an understatement.

In the recent past investors have been blind on Africa in matters investment; actually, only $3 out of every $1000 FDI from the US was invested in Africa in 2016. However, investment in Africa is now taking a turn from the traditional investment in resources such as minerals. In this new wake of investments, investors are now focusing on health, hospitality and technology to mention but a few. Furthermore, With a lot of factors falling into place at the same time — rapid economic growth, unprecedented political stability, and a young and increasingly middle-class population — the continent is beginning to head toward an anticipative upsurge.

  1. Growing Young Populace

Statistics have it that the percentage of young people in Africa is rising exponentially and it forecasts that by 2050, the percentage will have doubled. This tells you that the market for consumer goods is anticipated to rise by nearly 200%.Also these figures say that the labor market efficiency is up for a great boost.

  1. Growth of the middle-class.

Africa’s characteristic of a large number of poor citizens living below $2 a day is speedily changing. It is for a fact that the per capita income has incredibly increased thus the purchasing power of citizens has augmented .There is a fast-pacing trend of brand loyalty in Africa (for instance KFC in Kenya) consequentially and this increases the chances of investment success.

3.Political Stability taking Preeminence

Policies that govern Multinational Corporations are taking a turn to incentivize investors. These policies are being less radically affected by transitions of government in African countries. Also, civil wars have reduced greatly.

4.Diversification of the Economy

Countries in Africa have become less engaged in primary production and are shifting towards the manufacturing and service industries. Ethiopia outstandingly has engaged in an industrialization strategy .Thus, the GDP of African countries is fast rising meaning more chance for your FDI success.

5.Technology advancement.

African cities, Nairobi outstandingly are becoming financial, ICT and media hubs. There is an unignorable surge of mobile technology innovations in the continent that would go a long way to boost business efficiency.


Moreover, improved infrastructure, increased business sophistication, intense financial development and creation of robust institutions are among the factors that would guarantee you an investment triumph in Africa.



What do industrial strikes in Kenya and suspensions from Kenyan public institutions have in common? You guessed it right! They are just too common. In fact five out of four students in Kenyan high schools have been suspended from school. Okay, hold your peace right there, you’re about to find out how this piece of statistics makes sense.

I recall being too enthusiastic about joining this prestigious national school back in 2012.To date I wonder why exactly on that reporting day I woke up at 00600 hours and had to wash clean clothes in order to make an insinuation in my mind that time was moving. I had these glorified notion of my to-be-school as a place where students reason as adults and make their own choices .Didn’t everyone’s primary school teacher insist on that line “in high school there is no bell and no one cares about your life.”? Fine, let’s not get to what I found out in high school. I don’t intend to mention either that the first rule in the thirty-eight paged text book for school rules(minus the subsections of these rules) was ‘prefects are to be adorned extreme respect if not worshipped.’

Okay, so the main point is, in ‘non-international’ schools going for suspension was no math. You could be heading to the dining hall at lunch time only for the teacher on duty to occur from nowhere and change your route from towards the d-hall to toward the Deputy Principal’s office. Thereafter a three-hour meeting would ensue .Mind you in that office you only recognized the Deputy Principal and the teacher on duty whom you saw for the first time on that day. The rest of the people in the room like the school gardener, the chemistry lab technician and the sanatorium nurse you’d find out who they were when given a chance to give evidence that you stepped on the grass

haha 4.jpg

But how  this stepping on the grass was always put out by the teacher on duty was just hyperbolic ;that you being late for lunch thought it was wise to ‘vandalize’ the school property on a whole 50 by 50 piece of land that cost the school millions of shillings. My goodness! At least save for that lie that I was late for lunch: in fact when the lunch time bell rang I didn’t waste a mini-second to remind the teacher that it was lunch time, after all the last lesson to lunch time is always a reserve for fantasizing about food. But anyway isn’t it captured in the Constitution Article 5(a) Section 34 that a Kenyan teacher has powers vested upon him/her to change the past and make it happen as it best fits the story they’ll give later?

So ladies and gentlemen that’s how this meeting ended up with my father in the office after being given a call to Urgently report to school  and being  informed that I had engaged in gross misconduct and deliberate stern violation of the school code. Twenty-two minutes later the old man arrives .On getting to hear the matter of discussion he gave me that aggravated puckered brow and ordered me to the car quickly with heavy rage in his voice. He assured the school administration that after the two-week suspension I’ll return to school transformed. So my dad entered the car and of course I had prepared my nervous system for the reception of pronounced pain from one hell of a slap. He banged the door and looked at me in the eyes saying,” I have really missed you. Here is to more time to spend with you my daughter!”


img_20161221_182424So,am that ex who drifted ours from theirs;

Theirs being an all-physical and a bragging agenda on social media.

Theirs being a why-be-lonely-when-we-both-have-emotional-needs.

Theirs being a heart-hiring experience.

Am that ex who prayed. Prayed for us .

Am that ex who made you wear a different lens. For seeing life differently.

But you didn’t see.

Am that ex who walked out of your life never because I  didn’t love you. Just because I had to give space. Give space for my prayer to materialize .My prayer that you’ll find you.

Why we being taught that?

So the fish has been trying to  climb the tree ever since.

Ever since formal education was invented.


and it now perceives itself as stupid.


because a self-proclaimed “god” stepped up to try tell us what intelligence is.

So what did he say intelligence is?

He said intelligence is topping your class in exams,then making it to be an engineer or maybe a doctor or perhaps a lawyer.


So we believed him.

But look intelligence is in every one of us.It is to be awakened.But the world is outchea vehemently trying to show us only one version of intelligence.


I don’t have to always be behind the desk to be taught what intelligence is. I can  also STAND before many heads and explain my package of intelligence.By bringing out the best in me.Intelligence is as diverse as we are unique, alright?

  • 70% of people are supressing their intelligence because it’s been deemed irrelevant. In so doing many purposes are still treated as inventory until the inborn intelligence is awakened.

It’s only the manufacturer of your phone that knoweth the extent of its capability,yes?So  that which/who made you feel not so intelligent, is it/he/she God? no? So Step up people, your intelligence is on demand.You need it to live your purpose.  Without purpose you are irrelevant to the world or rather a mere piece of statistic.

Trapped ring


She was a woman and so she was determined and so she could achieve anything.



Tonight what she wanted to achieve was to get the ring off her finger. Twenty-four hours ago what she wanted to achieve was a little bit more sophistication and a sense of elegance. And because she could achieve anything, the way-to-narrow ring amazingly slid down her finger(of course after surrender to the might and force applied).It lay pretty, sparkling and reflected her smile of gratification.

Fast-forward to tomorrow morning….

She woke up to much discomfort and pain. Her finger was an ugly swell and blood was evidently curtailed from flowing. The ring lost its beauty in her eyes.

She did remember of her friend who had succumbed to a finger infection two days ago and a couple of What-ifs flashed through her mind. She wondered who would achieve her purpose if the what-if actually objectified. Would her aspirations as well be wrecked just  like that?

So she informed her dad. We all know African fathers are self-proclaimed prophets; so her dad already ascertained that the situation at hand was a repercussion of accepting a ring from some unworthy man . He grabbed a multi-purpose tool which was a combo of a hammer,pliers and serrated blades of different intensities.

“Mama!” half an hour into trying to separate her skin from the ring was turning unbearable. For a moment she had accepted the ring as a new body part .Discernably her obstinacy snubbed. And the metal snapped off her finger! She had her freedom back. I mean she was FREE!

This time round she understood freedom actually meant that she had fought a battle to achieve so as to further achieve.