To my body….



That you are whole.

That you are divine.

I reminisce on how you came to be:

crafted elegantly, shaped carefully, meticulously moulded ,embossed with a deeply beatific soul ,breathed with a Holy breath .Then He paused to look at me.His eminent eyes saw an alluring home;completed with a divine purpose inside; made as a reflection of The most glorious !

I am finally settling home.

Home in this body that was always noticed first before they noticed me.


I’m settling home.

A home which had a blackout too long. I groped too long in here.Darkness engulfed everything.I couldn’t see.I couldn’t see me.Until it found a lamp.A lamp with a light everlasting.

I am settling in this home.

A home once so desolate .Desolate because I had no door;and so they took everything I thought my life was worthless without.Then he came,said he’ll reassemble the shambles of this home and refill it .But he razed it down to the last brick. Until I found one True One who could ‘rebuild it in three days’ .He became its foundation and its pillars.

I am settling home.

In this home where they whispered to me how they wanted it to be,and shunned me outside because my home was not that way.Yet I was the one to live in it.

Here where a lover wanted to make this home feature as a background to his Instagram photos.Told the world he owned this home.Said he liked parts of it but disliked some.Said this home was warm to shelter him from the cold but he didn’t like the size of some rooms.I hated this home and longed to live in the one he loved.

Until I…..I reminisced on how this home came to be: crafted elegantly, shaped carefully, meticulously moulded ,embossed with a deeply beatific soul ,breathed with a Holy breath ,then He paused to look at me.His eminent eyes saw an alluring home;completed with a divine purpose; made as a reflection of The most glorious !

Then I came back to this home that I tried running away from.

I am feeling at home now.This home. Beautifully kept . Beautifully swept. And my garden,oozing with all beautiful fruits.In here there is light.In here there is freedom.In here there is fruition.

All not by my works.Grace rebuilt it.

Welcome home Lovely one.



img_20161221_182424So,am that ex who drifted ours from theirs;

Theirs being an all-physical and a bragging agenda on social media.

Theirs being a why-be-lonely-when-we-both-have-emotional-needs.

Theirs being a heart-hiring experience.

Am that ex who prayed. Prayed for us .

Am that ex who made you wear a different lens. For seeing life differently.

But you didn’t see.

Am that ex who walked out of your life never because I  didn’t love you. Just because I had to give space. Give space for my prayer to materialize .My prayer that you’ll find you.

Trapped ring


She was a woman and so she was determined and so she could achieve anything.



Tonight what she wanted to achieve was to get the ring off her finger. Twenty-four hours ago what she wanted to achieve was a little bit more sophistication and a sense of elegance. And because she could achieve anything, the way-to-narrow ring amazingly slid down her finger(of course after surrender to the might and force applied).It lay pretty, sparkling and reflected her smile of gratification.

Fast-forward to tomorrow morning….

She woke up to much discomfort and pain. Her finger was an ugly swell and blood was evidently curtailed from flowing. The ring lost its glory in her eyes.

She fought it and tried to force it out.But the adamant ring fought back.She could hear it ,”You put me here when I told you I don’t belong here.”

So she informed her dad. We all know African fathers are self-proclaimed prophets; so her dad already ascertained that the situation at hand was a repercussion of accepting a ring from some unworthy man . He grabbed a multi-purpose tool which was a combo of a hammer,pliers and serrated blades of different intensities.

“Mama!” half an hour into trying to separate her skin from the ring was turning unbearable. For a moment she had accepted the ring as a new body part .Discernably her obstinacy snubbed. And the metal snapped off her finger! She had her freedom back. I mean she was FREE!

This time round she could spell the word ‘FREEDOM’ for she had experienced a world without it, she had fought a battle to achieve it.She achieved it.She knows how to keep ‘no-freedom‘ away from her.